Canada Immigration Services

Welcome to Canada Made Simple, providing Canada Migration Information.


Canada Made Simple has one mission; to make your Canadian Immigration dreams a reality. Our agents and legal counsel have successfully assisted thousands of newcomers to Canada secure their Canadian Visa.


Canada Made Simple works under the direction of a number of Canadian Legal Officers to provide simple solutions to qualified candidates relocating to Canada, as well as assisting human resource managers and recruiters of Canadian employers who hire foreign nationals.


Canada Immigration continues to be the foundation for continued economic growth and brings people, customs and traditions, rituals and culture to the forefront of current Government policy. Each of the provinces in Canada has the authority to implement its own provincial immigration programs (PNP).


Embrace your future and bring the heritage of your past to a place that you and your family will be proud to refer to as home – Canada!


Canada Made Simple works with a streamlined team around the World, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring that your Canadian Migration.



Our Founding Principles


1.Online Consultations


We will never charge for our unbiased and comprehensive consultations. Clients need all the facts in order to make the right life immigration life choices for themselves and their loved ones.


2. Clear Documentation


We don’t hide anything in the small print. Every eligible client will be sent a Client Engagement letter for their review before engagement.


3. Fair Pricing


Our fees are spread over two key stage milestones with each payment only becoming due after the successful completion of each stage.


4. Full Cancellation Rights: At Any Time


We empower our clients and believe in full cancellation rights. You can cancel your agreement at any time during the process after any stage completion milestone. As you would expect we do not refund for work already done yet nor will we hold you accountable for the remaining stages of the application.


5. Refund Protection


Should a client not receive an Invitation to Apply within 24 months of successfully lodging an Express Entry application, and after following our guidance then Canada Made Simple will refund our services fees in full, 100%. No questions asked.


We look forward to helping you through this extraordinary journey to a New Life in Canada.