Migration Consultant LLC buys Canada Made Simple

Canada Made Simple Acquired by Migration Consultant LLC

Canada Made Simple Acquired by Migration Consultant LLC


In an all-cash transaction finalized on February 13th 2024, Canada Made Simple and Migration Consultant LLC announced the acquisition of Canada Made Simple, marking a significant expansion in its immigration service offerings. This acquisition is a testament to Migration Consultant LLC’s commitment to facilitating global mobility and enhancing its presence within the Canadian immigration sector.


Canada Made Simple, recognized and awarded Globally for its expert guidance and comprehensive support in providing regulated Canada Immigration Services has been at the forefront of providing tailored immigration solutions for over a decade.


This strategic acquisition by Migration Consultant LLC, a leader in global immigration services, is poised to redefine the landscape of Canada’s immigration services, significantly streamlining  the immigration process for those dreaming of a new life in Canada.


By integrating Canada Made Simple’s operations Migration Consultant LLC leverages cutting-edge technology and deep regulatory knowledge, ensuring a seamless and efficient immigration experience for clients. Migration Consultant LLC is assists individuals, families and businesses in moving not just to Canada but globally, offering expert advice and services for a range of immigration needs.


The collaboration between Migration Consultant LLC and Canada Made Simple underscores a shared commitment to client satisfaction. With a focus on providing specialized support tailored to individual needs and circumstances, this acquisition ensures that clients receive not just advice, but a comprehensive ‘done for you’ service from start to finish.


Migration Consultant LLC’s acquisition of Canada Made Simple highlights the firm’s exceptional expertise, comprehensive service offerings, and dedication to delivering tailored immigration solutions. Alexander King, Head of Immigration Services at Migration Consultant LLC, remarked on the acquisition, stating, “This move not only signifies a significant expansion of our portfolio but also reinforces our leadership within the global immigration services industry, ready to take on complex challenges and deliver results that exceed expectations.”


As part of the deal, Migration Consultant LLC acquired 100% of Canada Made Simple in an all-cash deal. This strategic move aims to leverage Canada Made Simple’s established presence and expertise in the Canadian immigration sector, enhancing service offerings and driving innovative solutions for clients looking to move to Canada.


This acquisition marks a pivotal step in Migration Consultant LLC’s mission to facilitate seamless immigration processes and underscores their commitment to providing unparalleled support to individuals and organizations navigating the complexities of global migration.


The surge in Canada’s immigration, highlighted by ambitious targets set by the country to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants annually, underscores the critical role of immigration in fueling Canada’s growth and addressing demographic challenges. Migration Consultant LLC’s acquisition of Canada Made Simple positions the firm to play a key role in supporting Canada’s immigration landscape and contributing to the country’s economic vitality and demographic sustainability.

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