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The Canada partner visa program, officially known as the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class, is designed to reunite spouses and common-law partners with their loved ones in Canada. This guide provides a detailed overview of eligibility requirements, the application process, and key considerations for individuals seeking to apply for the partner visa.

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We believe in transparency and will provide you with candid insights about your chances. If you find that you don’t meet the requirements for the Partner Visa, don’t worry. During your free consultation, we’ll carefully review your situation and explore alternative visa options that may be suitable for you.

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Steps Required for the Partner Visa

Key Elements of Your Partner Application

A Partner Visa application is a complex legal process. If you have never applied for a Substantive Visa before you may only have had experience with tourist visas for various countries. Substantive Visas are different. Holders of the Partner Visa are classed as Permanent Residents of Canada. This means the work required to secure the Visa is lengthy and detailed.

Understanding Eligibility

If you're legally married, you're considered a spouse. On the other hand, if you've been in a relationship with your partner for at least one year, you're seen as a common-law partner. One of the most crucial aspects is proving the genuineness of your relationship. This means showing that you share finances, live together, engage in social activities, and are committed.

Partner Visa Application

Your sponsor will start by submitting a sponsorship application to IRCC. This involves providing various documents such as your marriage certificate or proof of common-law relationship, along with identity documents. If the sponsorship is approved, you'll then submit your application for permanent residency.

Financial Support

While the process sounds straightforward, there are some essential things to keep in mind. Financial support is a significant aspect, as sponsors must demonstrate their ability to financially support you and any accompanying family members in Canada. This means meeting income requirements set by IRCC.

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