Apply for your Education Credential Assessment

Apply for your Education Credential Assessment

Canada’s immigration system is designed to assess each applicant’s educational credentials fairly and accurately. For this reason, Canada determines the equivalent Canadian education level for foreign educated people so they can be compared with similar levels from other countries or jurisdictions within their own country.


The ECA report includes both authentication tests on what you studied abroad as well as an examination of how it has been translated into English  – which means that despite speaking different languages at home (eg. French), your attempt will still count if there are enough similarities in content between courses offered in Canada versus those offered locally back home.

What Express Entry Applications Require an Education Credential Assessment?

If you are making a Federal Skilled Worker application you will definitely need a successful Education Credential Assessment.


If you are making a Federal Skilled Trades application you do not require an ECA, although if you do have tertiary qualifications an ECA may help your overall application.


If you are applying for the Canada Experience Class you fo not need an ECA, although without one you will score zero points in the education category.

Where Can I get an Education Credential Assessment?

Here is the list of organizations that have been authorized by Canada’s government to conduct educational credential assessments. The process for each organization will be similar, so you can choose which ones suit your needs best.



If you have credentials in Medical or Pharmacy then you will be assessed by:


What information do I need to get an Education Credential Assessment for Canada

You’ll generally have your personal information and a scan of whatever documents are required. You should also provide the name, institution where you studied as well as dates taken there so the ECA provider can cross-reference it with other records if necessary – this includes academic transcripts and degree certificates from courses completed at universities and colleges.

What is the Cost of an Education Credential Assessment

The cost of the WES ECA is $220 Canadian Dollars and 10 dollars for standard delivery. If you have more than one course that needs assessment, as long as they’re all submitted with your application there will only be a single charge of 220 CAD or 10$.

How do I provide my documents for the Education Credential Assessment

Documents that MUST be provided directly by your Educational Institution to WES are usually your academic transcripts. There are clear instructions on how your institution can do this.


  1. they can upload it directly if they are part of the connected online systems between the institutions and Education Credential Assessment provider
  2. they can print a copy of your transcript and seal it in an envelope and sign or stamp across the envelope flap. Then post it directly to the ECA
  3. they can print a copy of your transcript and seal it in an envelope and sign or stamp across the envelope flap. Then they can post it to you. You then send it on to the ECA provider without opening the sealed envelope they sent.


Your document list will state that if you have to provide documents in English or French and so, for example; a certified translator must stamp any other language versions of your submitted paperwork. Both copies of the original paper are required as well as an official copy translated by them with their certification seal on it.


If you have changed your name since receiving credentials, or the one on file doesn’t match up with what’s shown in a passport—you’ll need to provide official documentation of any changes. This could mean providing proof such as marriage certificates or change of name documents.


Once your transcript has been posted to Education Credential Assessment system, it can take up a week or 10 days for them receive the document from Educational Institution. The time frame will vary depending on where they are getting these transcripts sent out from; but once received in their office then there’s compliance checking and making sure everything looks good before moving onto assessment preparation.


An Education Credential Assessment can take up to two months, although most are completed in four to six weeks.

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