Pre Express Entry Application Checklist

Express Entry Application Checklist

In order to enter the Express Entry Pool, you only need a few documents. These include your name and date of birth as well as some basic information about yourself such as work history or personal details – everything else can be submitted later if needed. You do however require the information on these documents, just not the physical copies.


You will need to provide documentation that proves your English or French language ability. You should also have the necessary paperwork ready for any family members accompanying you on this journey, and indicate which province they live in so we can ensure there are no errors during processing time.


Pre Express Entry Application Checklist:


For you Express Entry Application Checklist You will need


  • Your ECA certificate
  • Personal details of all immediate relatives including their current passport information
  • Your English or/and French language test results document
  • You will be asked which province you would like to move to
  • You will need to know the amount of available funds you will need.
  • You will need to know the dates of your employment and employers over the past 10 years.
  • If you have relatives in Canada, know their relationship to you
  • Job offer details (if applicable)
  • You will need to know the dates of your study or work in Canada
  • If you are a Federal Skilled Trades applicant you will need your trade certificate


While you don’t need to have all your documents ready before submitting an application for Canadian citizenship, it is important that the information on them match what we requested. In fact only a few are necessary and these will help determine if eligibility into Express Entry. You also must answer some questions about yourself like where do live currently or how long have worked in jobs, as well provide any other personal details needed.

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