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Award Winning Services

Canada Made Simple has successfully assisted thousands of Individuals and Families in their Canadian Relocation.

We keep our services simple and clear. We are Canadian Immigration through and through and dedicated to your successful migration.

Canadian Permanent Residency consists of two key stages. The first stage is a successful Express Entry application, then resulting in an Invitation to formally apply for either:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Federal Skilled Trades Visa
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Canadian Experience Class

The steps required for Express Entry application count towards these points, and our Preferred Professionals will of course assist with securing Provincial Nomination and Registration with Professional bodies (Nurses, Accountants, Doctors, Surveyors etc.).

Our dedicated Jobs desk will complement your efforts by distributing your resume to our internal network of employers.

Canada Immigration Stage One

Simple Steps to a New Life in Canada: Stage One

1. Case Activation. At this stage your case is formally activated. We will send you a unique and secure documentation upload portal which will be tailored to you and your individual circumstances. These documents will form the basis of your entire application from start to finish and not just the education certification for Express Entry. Don’t worry, we’ll be reviewing the documentation in the next step.

2. Documentation Review. We will review your documentation in line with the current framework. This is a manual and detailed review by your dedicated associate and we will let you know any additional information that we require.

3. Documentation Submission. Once we have all elements in place, we’ll work closely with you to ensure all documentation is sent to the right places, at the right time and by the right people. Four our Skilled Trades clients we’ll assist with

4. Express Entry. Upon receipt of a successful Education Credential Assessment we will assist you in uploading and activating your Express Entry application on your behalf. Should you not receive an Invitation to Apply within 24 months of successfully lodging an Express Entry application and after following our guidance our service guarantee means we will refund our services fees in full, 100%. No questions asked.

Canada Immigration Stage Two

The Formal Application: Stage Two

After receiving an Invitation to apply you have a number of options:

  • Continue working with us as we appoint a Canadian Immigration Lawyer to your case.
  • Complete the final stages of your application yourself, with our guidance
  • You are at also at free to appoint a different representative is you choose

As you would expect, Stage Two fees and engagements only fall due after receiving a successful Invitation to Apply. You do not need to commit to any options at this point.

Stage Two involves formally lodging your Canadian Visa application and the specifics of this stage vary from case to case. However, working through Canada Made Simple you are assured of our fixed fee pricing.

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